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Holding out HELP provides those from a polygamous culture the care, support and resources to become independent and self-sufficient.

Helping, Encouraging, and Loving Polygamists.

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Become an ally of Holding Out HELP & support this underserved population-many who are leaving their polygamous roots.


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Brave Client Story

Brave Client Story

My journey with HOH began after I woke up one morning in agonizing tears and paralyzed by fear, guilt, and shame. The memories that woke me up were new to me and I did not understand what was going on in me.

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Crystal’s Story — In Her Own Words

I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for all that you have done to help me ever since I have found you. I came here with almost nothing; almost no money or official papers to prove that I am a U.S. citizen.

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Do You Need HELP?

If you come from a polygamous background and need assistance, there is HELP!

Fundraiser Video Highlights

We will be highlighting videos from our March fundraiser over the next few weeks to encourage our clients and supporters.  The videos will also be available on our YouTube Channel.  Come back to check them out!

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We’d like to thank all those who attended and supported our fundraiser.  We raised approximately $61K in donations. 
Holding Out Help more events coming soon

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