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Young Couple’s Success

HOH has had the pleasure of serving a young man who left his community in early 2020. Our client was unemployed and was in need of housing, food and medical care. HOH was able to provide him with Medicaid, food assistance, gas cards, counseling, and an apartment at one of our transitional homes. During this time he got married to his girlfriend. With the support of HOH, he was able to go back to college and complete his BS degree in software engineering.  Shortly thereafter, he was offered a well-paying job. 

Determined to pay off his debts, he worked a second job and his wife found a job doing something she loves.  The couple moved out of our transitional housing in January of this year to their own apartment. It has been such an honor to have served this sweet couple.

Here is what the young man had to say about Holding Out HELP:

“Working with HOH has literally changed the whole world for us. Since I’ve started working at my current job, I’ve gotten my car paid off and my wife’s car almost paid off. I’ve also got my college loans paid off and we are buying a house in June. We will have everything paid off by August at this rate. Almost $46,000 in debt is what we started with between our cars and school in addition to our house and our living expenses. That’s why I’ve been working a lot of hours, but I’m almost done. We are so excited about our new house. It would have taken a lot longer if I didn’t have the help from you all, so thank you for that.”

— Anonymous client