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A Unique Client and an Amazing Lawyer

Victoria, who is a new client with Holding Out HELP, came to us with no identification, no birth certificate, no driver’s license, no social security card — nothing to prove who she was and where she had come from. She decided to reach out to HOH to get help in obtaining her legal documents. This would allow her to vote, hold a job, and participate in open society.

Victoria grew up with a controlling, abusive father. Her father eventually abandoned the family and left them with nothing — no money or support of any kind. Her mom and two sisters learned to navigate life alone. Without birth certificates, legal names, and state IDs it was almost impossible to get decent paying jobs. For Victoria, she knew that was vital to her success. HOH was able to get Victoria in contact with a lawyer who could help. This lawyer has assisted several HOH clients over the years. He understood their background and history. He knew what obstacles our clients face when leaving their communities. He was able to get Victoria and her sisters’ names changed and court orders directing the State of Utah to issue each of them birth certificates. With birth certificates and legal names, Victoria and her sisters can now get social security numbers, state IDs, and fully contribute to society.


Victoria’s name was changed to protect her identity.