Holding Out HELP



HOH 2020 Silent Auction and Benefit Dinner Recap

It was a great night at Holding Out HELP’s fundraiser-before the quarantine! We were doubtful anyone would come and planned to raise minimal funds due to fears of the economy crashing thanks to the anticipation of Covid-19. Instead, we raised the same amount as in previous years, had 30 additional people show up at the …

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Holding Out HELP Dollar-A-Day-Fundraiser

Dollar A Day Fundraiser

Celebrate a month of “Firsts” and other stories of HOPE! We are fundraising to provide our clients with basic needs and “first time” experiences!

Q-Commons-Salt Lake City

Q Commons

We invite you to this year’s Q Commons where our Founder, Tonia Tewell, will be speaking. Her topic is: How Does Unconditional Love Help Those Who Have Been Forgotten By Our Society. ⁠⁠