Holding Out HELP

Dollar A Day Fundraiser

Holding Out HELP Dollar-A-Day-Fundraiser

Celebrate a month of “Firsts” and other stories of HOPE!

We are fundraising the entire month of November to provide our clients with basic needs and “first time” experiences!

We are so excited to share with you numerous stories, videos and more throughout the month on our Facebook and Instagram profile. The stories are of clients and volunteers expressing how Holding Out HELP has provided them first time experiences and how they were impacted by them.

In order to continue providing these first time experiences and basic needs to our clients we are asking all of you to donate a Dollar-A-Day during the month of November. You can literally donate that dollar everyday, or donate 7 bucks a week or be bold and donate the $30 all in one shot! Whatever is convenient for you. It’s that easy!

As Tonia mentioned in the video, there are so many first experiences for our clients. Sharing their joy and calming their nerves is so rewarding and so necessary. Your continued support is how we can provide those moments.

HELP us bring joy and assistance to many more people, and be a part of #restoringhope to our our current and future clients.

Let’s do this and reach or exceed that $3000 goal! 


Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to watch all the stories throughout the month. It’s going to be awesome!

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