Daniel’s Story of Hope

Daniel was born into the FLDS polygamist community. He was homeschooled until he was in the 7th grade and then worked all over the country doing construction as a child.

As he hit puberty, he started looking at girls & getting in trouble. When he was 16, his dad approached him and gave him an ultimatum – either fall in line or find somewhere else to go. Daniel called Holding Out HELP. They found him a host home where he stayed and received the unconditional love and support he needed. Daniel graduated high school in 2 years due to his hard work and perseverance. He was determined to make a better life!

He is now married, working full time and going to college pursuing a degree in software engineering. He has enormous support thanks to his beautiful wife and his former host family – Art & Tamara Anderson.

He also finds time to share his story in hopes of helping and encouraging others that come from this culture and to teach our society how to provide the much needed support to serve those that come from a polygamist background.

Daniel’s name has been changed to protect his privacy.

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