Holding Out HELP

Rachel’s Story

Rachel was married off at the age of 14 to a polygamist man three times her senior. Her sister, who was 15, was married to the same man. Both girls learned to serve and love their husband within the roles he created for them. Rachel’s role was purely sexual and as long as she operated within the set of parameters given, she had his attention, but straying meant dire consequences. As she began having children she thought about what their lives may look like. The thought of her girls having to endure what she had was what eventually led Rachel to make the biggest decision of her life. Three years ago she left with her three children to pursue a life on her own. After about a year of trying to make ends meet, Rachel reached out to Holding Out HELP. She received a mentor, a car, and a private education for her children. She is living in a Holding Out HELP transitional home that allows her to live virtually rent free while she finishes her education. She recently graduated with her degree and recently passed the NCLEX and started her first job as a registered nurse!  In addition, Rachel is now married to an awesome man.  All her hopes and dreams are coming to fruition.

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