Enoch’s Story

Enoch was only 15 when his father came to Salt Lake City and signed over guardianship papers to the Gutzwiller Family. He was immediately enrolled in school, which was more difficult than he had anticipated. Enoch had not had any formal education the 3 years prior to leaving his community. He began playing varsity sports (which he had never played before) and quickly became a star athlete! In addition, he also started basic training in the Army Reserves. He ended up graduating from Intermountain Christian School on the Honor Roll and with one of the highest awards the school gives called the “Lion Award.”

Enoch had to learn how to be loved and know that his love was not based on his performance. It took awhile but he has learned to embrace unconditional love! It didn’t take long for Enoch to be the “Big Brother” to the other boys in the family either. Almost from the beginning, he would play with, encourage, watch and protect them. Enoch is currently pursuing a criminal justice degree, gaining experience in law enforcement and hopes to have a future career in law enforcement as well. To say we are proud of Enoch is an understatement. Holding Out HELP is grateful to have been along for the ride. We admire Enoch and the entire Gutzwiller Family.

Enoch’s name has been changed to protect his identity.

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