Nathan’s Story

It was the summer of 2012 and Nathan showed up after leaving the FLDS with his 5 children in tow. He had never taken care of his children alone and his wife, who had left years earlier could not be found.

Nathan attempted to get his education and work why he raised his 5 kids. After a couple of months of debilitating anxiety, he decided the most loving thing he could do is give his children to a healthy family to raise. This was an excruciating decision as he loved his kids so much but he knew it had to happen.

He contacted our agency again and asked for help finding a healthy home. He knew the children may have to be separated but it was the only way. Then an amazing family came forward and not only agreed to open their home, but agreed to take in all 5 children! 🎉

This family had a loving church community and extended family that stepped in as they adjusted to their new life. Now, 8 years later three have graduated high school and are in college. They are all well-adjusted and forever grateful to a father who sacrificed his own happiness to ensure his kids got the care they so desperately needed. Nathan is in regular contact with his children and has been able to celebrate their successes with them. ❤️

Thank you to the selfless father and Host Home who loved the entire family unconditionally and worked through almost impossible circumstances to ensure these children’s success. 🙌🏼

Nathan’s name has been changed to protect his identity.

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