Coin Up App: Fundraising Tool for New Trauma Center

Holding Out HELP goes MOBILE to collect spare change!

Holding Out HELP goes MOBILE to collect spare change!

All proceeds from Coin Up will go towards funding our new COMPLEX TRAUMA CENTER.

Over the last several months we have been contacted to assist individuals that have undergone horrific abuse and trauma and are continuing to experience trauma in their communities, causing them to need extensive round the clock care. We have been contacted by police in two different states, psychiatric hospitals and extended family members who would like us to take these girls/women to provide healing and safety.

Due to the trauma they have received, our host family program does not fit their needs. We have explored options in our state for residential care and have found it extremely expensive and the workers are unfamiliar with the unique needs and characteristics of this population. We cannot leave these girls where they are! We have to develop a program that will bring safety, healing and independence for these girls and women.

And that’s where you come in! 


DOWNLOAD THE COIN UP APP by clicking the LINKS BELOW to help.



We will also be looking for those willing to donate their talents like yoga, painting, crafts, outdoor activities, among other things.

Help us bring safety and healing to our clients!

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