Holding Out HELP

UWM Suit Fitting for our Clients

UMW Men's Shop bus. Fitting clients for suits

Nothing speaks confidence like a suit! The guys at UWM Men’s Shop came for a visit and fitted our guys for brand new suits. We want to say “Thanks, and we can’t wait for the reveal.”

Did you know that wearing a suit can change the way you think about yourself? It can even alter the way you see the world and your surroundings. When you slip on a suit it gives you a sense of professionalism, you walk a bit more tall.

We value our clients and want them to succeed in their dreams. These suits can bring them confidence in a job interview, help them feel comfortable at work, and give them the dapper at a dance or dinner. 

Your contributions make things like this, and so much more, possible. Click out Get Involved page to see how you can HELP.

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