Holding Out HELP

Special Victims Investigations Conference


Our Founder, Tonia Tewell, was asked to speak at the Utah Special Victims Investigations Conference, along with a panel of HOH clients, which included Amanda Neily, Ian Lake, and Julie Atkinson.⁠⁠

Tonia presented a cultural sensitivity training on how to interact with those from polygamy and the panel shared their stories and how law enforcement could improve. They also gave suggestions on how to interact with a fundamentalist Mormon.⁠⁠

Her presentation and the panel were well received and enjoyed. You can tell by some of the reviews:

⁠“Loved the panel!”
⁠“I really valued the education from the polygamy session”
⁠“Polygamy victims were brave and great!”
⁠“Loved the polygamy Q & A session!”
⁠“The “Polygamy Culture” presentation was very informative. I appreciate of those on the polygamy culture panel”
⁠“Really enjoyed the panel aspect”

⁠⁠We are so proud of Tonia and the panel for sharing their stories and giving valuable information to the Special Victim Task Force. Bravo!

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