Sons of Perdition

Sons of Perdition follows three boys after they leave Colorado City.  With limited educations and rarely a stable address, the obstacles are enormous.  All the boys have big dreams—starting with the hope of attending high school—but what they want most is contact with their families. For one teen in the film, this means numerous attempts to help his fourteen-year-old sister escape before an arranged marriage.

With unprecedented access, Sons of Perdition takes audiences on a three-year-journey into the lives of these remarkable teens, providing the inside analysis to make this intimate portrait a big story—a timely, critical look at faith, family and religious exile in mainstream America.

Sons of Perdition has partnered with Holding Out Help, a Utah based non-profit organization, to continue the efforts the film began: to bring awareness and support to those who have made the difficult decision to leave polygamy.

The women and children that leave the FLDS, or other polygamist communities, face a unique set of challenges. They need basic material itemshousing, food, clothing, employment, phones and computers to get them set up in the mainstream world. But they also need work and life skills, and often, psychological counseling.

We have chosen to work with Holding Out Help because they are a hands-on organization that works with the community to provide individualized care, housing, and other resources to this special population of exiles. Most importantly, they offer hope of a new beginning, and the real skills and supplies that are needed to start a new life.

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