So Grateful

I left my marriage and the polygamist group that I was raised in. I first received help from Holding Out Help a year ago when I first started thinking seriously about doing something to improve my children’s lives. I called their hotline a few times, which was a huge relief since I had spent so many years bottling everything up. When I did leave, they provided a place for us to stay, and they made my kids feel like they were on vacation. They talked to me everyday that first week to make sure I was doing okay with my rollercoaster of emotions. They provided me with gift cards so that we could buy the things we needed after leaving most of our things behind. One of them escorted me to Workforce Services to help me apply for financial assistance and they were able to find me a really good lawyer who was willing to take my case pro bono. When we moved into a house, they were able to find all of the furniture we needed from people who just wanted to help out. And still, after all of these months, they still call me just to see how I’m doing and to ask what they can do for me. They just informed me they have people who want to help us get Christmas gifts for my kids, which was such a relief since I was just comparing my budget with my kids’ Christmas lists. I am so grateful for what Holding Out Help has done for us, and I hope to someday pay it forward.

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