Holding Out HELP

Old Blue


My old blue chair has seen it all…

She came to live with us in 2010, when I left my ex-husband and the polygamous town we had lived in for the last 6 years. I don’t know where “Old Blue” came from or who had her before me, but I just want to say she is loved.

When I left with my 5 kids, we essentially had nothing.  My parents gave me a bit of money to put a deposit on a rental house in northern Utah for which I was so grateful to them for helping me through this traumatizing transition. Before I left Hildale I had been in touch with Tonia Tewell and Holding Out HELP. Tonia had told me, “Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.”  Well, I took her at her word when I called and asked if she happened to have any old furniture laying around, to furnish the home for me and my kids. I was so amazed when she said, “We have a garage full, please come help yourself!”

I still remember grabbing lamps (one of which I still use at my bedside), a table, chairs, twin size mattresses, clothes, bedding and blankets, a few other odds and ends that I needed, and of course, Old Blue. You have no idea what a lifesaver she was!

It has been 6 years, 2 moves, and 3 job changes since Old Blue came to our house. The furniture has changed a bit, and  even been upgraded, but we will never get rid of her. I look at that chair that has been loved on by me, my 5 kids, a few cats and sometimes the dog. Old Blue just makes my heart happy. She is a reminder of what we have been through, and to never ever take what I have earned and worked so hard to obtain for granted.

You can be a part of meeting the needs of families and individuals Holding Out HELP serves with a year-end gift. Whether
your gift is used to provide housing, counseling, education or simply a few pieces of old furniture – the impact is undeniable.

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