Helping, Encouraging, and Loving Polygamists.

Crystal’s Story — In Her Own Words

I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for all that you have done to help me ever since I have found you.  I came here with almost nothing; almost no money or official papers to prove that I am a U.S. citizen.  I had no place to stay and in need of treatment for mental health services. I had a mindset that I would not accept help from anyone.

So much has changed since that time more than a year ago.  I now have my papers, have finished most of high school, and have a job.  I am getting counseling.  You have also helped me to get out of trouble with the law (in a legal way gratefully).  You have helped to provide me with a place to stay, food to eat and transportation for now while I get on my feet.  I have no idea how I would have done all of this without you.  What I do know is that it would be a lot harder and take way more time.  I have come very far since I started and that is mostly thanks to your help.

I am also grateful to have met all of you.  You have been there for me since the start and have provided me with support, direction, kindness, and love.  Even at times when I thought I did not want you to be there for me, you did not go away, and I will not ever forget that.  I am so thankful that you understood and forgave me and did not leave me alone.  You all are such amazing and good people and I hope you are always blessed the way that you bless the lives of others.