Holding Out HELP

Day: May 10, 2019

Rachel’s Story

Rachel was married off at the age of 14 to a polygamist man three times her senior. Her sister, who was 15, was married to the same man. Both girls learned to serve and love their husband within the roles he created for them. Rachel’s role was purely sexual and as long as she operated …

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They Just Wanted To Love Me

It’s very hard for many in polygamous communities to leave either because they don’t know where to look for help or because they don’t have enough trust to reach out, particularly when help might come with the price tag of joining some other religious group or being involved in promoting hatred. Many in polygamous groups …

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From Abuse to Acceptance

I left my polygamist community suddenly in response to an abusive situation. I did not have a clear plan in place as to how I would be able to take care of my four young children and myself. In much dismay, I found myself on the doorstep of a wonderful family of strangers willing to …

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So Grateful

I left my marriage and the polygamist group that I was raised in. I first received help from Holding Out Help a year ago when I first started thinking seriously about doing something to improve my children’s lives. I called their hotline a few times, which was a huge relief since I had spent so …

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I Felt So Alone

I felt so alone and crippled coming from the FLDS lifestyle with nowhere to go and no one to rely on apart from friends who had already done all they could do for me. I found myself at the Draper Police Station with the victims advocate discussing my options of where my twin boys and …

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