20/20 did an hour long episode on an amazing and brave family that Holding Out HELP has had the privilege to assist in the transition to main-stream society. We are so proud of Suzette and her kids and their continued effort to get on their feet and live a life of freedom and independence.

Many that have watched the episode have reached out to us to ask how they can help.  At this time our biggest needs are donations.  Holding Out HELP operates entirely from private donations.  As you saw on the episode those families that leave have nothing.  Because of the communal living that takes place in these societies, most families are completely relient on the sect for their basic needs.  If they decide to leave the community they usually leave with nothing but the clothes on their backs.  We work to provide them with access to clothing, food, housing, education, counseling, transportation, etc…  If you are looking to provide end of year donations please click here and donate!

January 26th, 2013 Update – Before re-broadcasting the “Breaking Polygamy” episode today, ABC News did an entire story on Holding Out HELP.

Click Here To See The ABC News Article on Holding Out HELP 


Watch the full episode below-

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